Exactly what are your sexting? Parental methods, sexting thinking and you will habits certainly one of Italian kids

Exactly what are your sexting? Parental methods, sexting thinking and you will habits certainly one of Italian kids

Sexting has recently came up while the a public health and personal procedure. The current studies had one or two aims: a) so you’re able to preliminarily attempt teenage intercourse variations to your adult strategies from teenage on the web existence, adult monitoring, adolescent thoughts towards the sexting and you may sexting practices; b) in order to on their own take to having men and women teens a conceptual design in which sexting habits was explained by the parental techniques and you will overseeing, towards mediation from adolescent bad attitude into the sexting.


Direct and indirect links between the variables in the model were investigated. The study was carried out with 541 participants. Participants were Italian adolescents (60% males; 40% females) aged 14 to 19 years (Mage = 16,19 years, SDage = 1,31).


Show ideal one female delivered a lot more media sexts, had a high feeling out of risk of the sexting and you will said highest ratings both for parental strategies from adolescent on the web lifetime and you can adult keeping track of. Guidelines toward Articles, Adult Training, Adolescent Revelation, and Adult Manage resulted to getting regarding one another sexting perceptions and you can practices to have male and female teenagers.


Findings stress the key character you to definitely moms and dads enjoy for the framing perceptions and you may routines off both girl and you may sons through the puberty.


For the past two decades, the newest modern and you may increasingly rapid growth of interaction technologies have led to different changes in just how anybody, and especially kids, promote, collaborate and interact with each other. Due to the fact advised because of the Weber and you will Dixon , new “electronic society” try progressively becoming more pervasive: teenagers and you may youth are definitely the extremely electronically connected having fun with the brand new communications mass media such mobile https://elitemailorderbrides.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/caribbeancupid-1.jpg» alt=»gratis suikeroom dating apps»> devices and you can social networks. These media let them feel constantly connected by sharing different types of contents, including texting, photos and you will video. Additionally, the brand new technology have impacted how teenagers manage its intimate relationship, discuss and you can share the sex .

Recently, sexting provides emerged since the an experience attracting societal health and public appeal. Sexting try an enthusiastic English title combining the text “sex” and you may “texting” (message of text message), to begin with dealing with sms containing sexual contents . Towards bequeath of new tech, plus mobiles and you can quick messaging and you may speak applications (e.grams. WhatsApp, Snapchat, Telegram …), the expression has also been placed on the actions from send to the social networking sites and buying and selling intimate content material, instance photographs, videos or photo [sixteen, twenty six, 41]. Thus sexting can be described as the fresh new exchange (searching, giving, sending and you will publish) regarding intimately specific content material (messages and/otherwise photos/photos/video clips regarding naked or partial-nude) on electronic mass media in addition to Websites [sixteen, 17, 26, 33].

Recently, this new literary works have highlighted an ever growing portion of teenagers whom knowledge sexting. According to one of the first around the globe surveys carried out to the sexting (Eurispes & Telefono [step three, 4]), around 20% away from kids received, personally sent, otherwise posted sexts online, whenever you are more recent studies stated high rates between sixty and 80% [twenty two, 42].

Research has investigated prevalence from sexting considering sex, but email address details are have a tendency to contradictory (to have a review select: ). Particular training [42, 60, 67] displayed highest regularity regarding sexting behavior certainly men kids, though some almost every other knowledge [nine, 67, 71] ideal one people discover sexts more frequently than lady hence the second discover sext requests and you will posting sexts more frequently. To greatest see such gender variations inconsistency, it is possible to refer to new “Postfeminist” position (elizabeth.g. ) hence concerned about females sexual objectification from the contemporary mass media community. Predicated on this direction, on the one-hand, teenage ladies try expected to make an intimate blogs (we.elizabeth., the fresh sext) since a form of care about-display screen, which in some instances is seen as the a measure of attractiveness and you can a special form of women desirability. But not, at the same time, people females who participate in including sexting routines are topic so you’re able to peer ethical condemnation and you will shaming. On top of that, adolescent people you may get recommendations indicating otherwise discussing girls’ photo into the the peer group .

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